We know that God has done BIG things through Taking it to the Streets over the past 6 years, and we believe that He has even BIGGER things planned! Read more to find out about the vision God has given us for the future of this ministry.

Transitional RVs

While we believe in encouraging employment, we also know that in order to maintain a job, housing is necessary.These transitional RVs would solve their immediate need of a temporary home. While housed, we would then give additional support services so that they could acquire a more permanent and sustainable home.

Initial cost is $15,000 and will be retro-fitted for 2 – 4 people. Residents will pay a predetermined amount giving them ownership while also teaching life skills.

Housing First Community

This master-planned community would exist to provide affordable permanent housing and a community to the chronically homeless and disabled. This community would include a place to worship, medical and dental services, and job training.

National statistics show that 84% of the chronically homeless go on to lead productive lives when they are placed into “housing first”.

This is projected for 2020.

San Antonio Resource Center


While our history as a ministry has been to be complete mobile, we strongly believe that a permanent building in downtown San Antonio will help us be a more consistent and intentional presence in the lives of the people we serve.

Our vision is to create a place of refuge and encouragement. A place to use the restroom, take a shower, wash some clothes. A place to be fed physically and spiritually, through bible study, counseling, and corporate worship services.  As well as a place to receive job training and job placement assistance.

Employment Opportunities


Taking it to the Streets was given an unfinished concession trailer in 2015. Once completed, we are eager to use this as a way to offer some of our homeless friends an opportunity to have a sustainable income. The cost for completion of this trailer is approximately $15,000. Our goal is to begin this project in 2016.

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Downtown Dinners

We serve dinner in a family-style setting in downtown San Antonio to over 250 homeless men, women, and children every Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm. We have been serving and loving on the impoverished and homeless for 6 years and have seen this ministry grow and change lives.

Registration is NOT required. Only register if you want to prepare the food for the dinner or are planning on bringing a group of 10 or more.