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Downtown Dinners

We serve approximately 200-250 men and women every Saturday night at 724 Chestnut in San Antonio. But we can’t do it without YOU!!  We ask that you arrive between 5:15 and 5:45 pm on Saturday.  We usually wrap up around 8:00 pm.  Please dress casually and appropriately for the weather.

Registration is NOT required. Only register if you want to prepare the food for the dinner, if you would like to provide a special blessing, or are planning on bringing a group of 5 or more.

Special blessings can be in the form of a special treat, clothing, jackets or blankets, socks, reading resources.  The blessing can also be in the form of a services like feet washing, haircuts, painting nails, or just being prayer partners.  If we know what you are doing, we can come alongside and add support.